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Empowering Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders To Thrive!

Sanjeev Desour Entrepreneur

My path from the council estates of West London to the helm of the Entrepreneurs Academy and the IGNITE Group encapsulates a tale of resilience, innovation, and unwavering perseverance. Born into a lineage of respected goldsmiths, I was initially cradled in a legacy of wealth and craftsmanship, with my grandfather and his ancestors all revered in the trade.

However, life's unpredictable tides, compounded by a series of unfortunate decisions and the untimely loss of my uncles, led to a dramatic shift in our fortunes. The stability and prosperity once synonymous with our name gave way, leaving us to face the stark reality of life in a council estate. This stark contrast from our past laid the foundation of my early lessons in the volatility of fortune, impressing upon me the intricate dance of risk and reward, and the indispensable value of strategic decision-making in reclaiming one's destiny.

From a young age, my inclination to think creatively and confront fear head-on led me to start a venture at just 16, eventually growing it into a multi-million-pound success. This is just one of many entrepreneurial stories I look forward to sharing with you when we meet.  These experiences ignited my passion for empowering others to break through their barriers and reach new heights of success and fulfilment.

In my role as a mentor, coach and sought after advisor in the ears of business growth and success, I draw upon my own journey of overcoming obstacles, driven by a genuine desire to make a real impact on people's lives. Whether speaking, consulting, mentoring, or coaching, I strive to offer practical insights, combining motivational stories with proven effective strategies in entrepreneurship, leadership, and personal growth.

Sanjeev Desour Business Mentor
Sanjeev Desour Business Coach

My work is based on truth and transformation. I aim to provide insights that inform and inspire action and change. With expertise in brand identity, leadership development, business strategy, critical thinking, problem-solving, exit strategy marketing and innovation,  I equip my clients with the necessary tools to foster growth and effectively tackle the challenges of today's business environment.

Outside of my professional life, I'm a devoted father, a keen tennis player, and a music enthusiast who loves to dive into the world of creativity whenever possible. My belief in the power of business and property as vehicles for wealth creation inspired me to establish The Entrepreneurs Academy and The Property Investors Academy, communities aimed at guiding individuals toward financial independence.

My life's journey, with its ups and downs, has taught me invaluable lessons in persistence and strategic planning. My dedication to helping others 'level up' goes beyond mere business success; it's about unlocking the incredible potential within each individual, assisting them in achieving true fulfilment.


I invite you to start a transformative journey with me at The Entrepreneurs Academy and embark on the transformational process of The Business Success System to realise and accelerate your success. By booking a FREE Strategy Session, you'll take a significant step towards realising your goals, guided by someone who has navigated both the challenges and triumphs of success and continues to learn and grow every day.

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